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Madison Shannahan

Advertising | Iowa State University




Event Management

Expected Graduation Date:

May 2023

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A Bit About Me

My name is Madison Shannahan, and I am currently studying advertising at Iowa State University.  I transferred to ISU after finishing my first two years at Des Moines Area Community College with an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts.  I have lived in Des Moines my entire life and recently moved to Ames in the fall of 2021 in order to further my education.  In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, listening to music, baking and home decorating.  I would ultimately love to work on the creative side of advertising and help to create not only a story, but an experience for the consumers.  I am looking forward to all the opportunities the world of advertising has to offer!


My Creative & Career Goals

One of my main career goals is to help to communicate & create advertising campaigns

Creatively, I would love to continue building my portfolio with a variety of different projects

Another one of my career goals is to own my own advertising agency one day

In my future career, I would love to work for an advertising or marketing agency and work on advertising campaigns.  I love the storyline that can be captured from different print and digital media that is created in order to bring a brand, product, or service to life.  Some of my favorites include Dove's "Real Beauty" campaign, Always' "Like a Girl" campaign, and Coca-Cola's "Share a Coke" campaign!

Throughout my college and career years, I plan to and want to continue to grow my portfolio.  I want to expand my creative mind and find new ways to create stories for consumers to enjoy.  As of right now, I have worked on a handful of school projects allowing me to create marketing and creative plans and I hope to continue that into the future.

In the future, I think that it would fascinating and rewarding to own my own advertising agency.  I would love to know that my hard work had paid off and that I can now to not only still create campaigns and stories for consumers to enjoy but to also be able to help others who are in my current position now and just now entering into the world of advertising.

Madison Shannahan
Advertising | Iowa State University


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